How Beliard Brings Hats to Life

How Beliard Brings Hats to Life

Welcome Beliard

 In the very private ateliers of the province of Imbabura and Manabí, Beliard hats are handcrafted almost 9,000 kilometers away from Paris.

Only very few selected pieces are made there respecting the ancestral savoir-faire and a masterful patience to give light to these works of art.

Most of artisans are Ecuadorian women whose expertise and experience have been passed down through generations (sometimes for more than 50 years).

Their meticulously skills have mastered countless methods including stretching fabrics, draping turbans and the technique of sewing straw. Together, they give each hat its very own singularity.

Our hats radiate passion, they have been selected with the highest care, embodying Beliard’s values; savoir faire, expertise and emotions.

Once a hat has been shaped, the final touch is brought by the hatter to sublimate and embellish it without forgetting to append the signature, the Beliard seal!

Every color is inspired by a city of our beautiful world, Paris, New York, London and even Dubai. From urban looks to summer outfits, all colors will be filling your special moments of joy and happiness.

When it comes to the hat’s names, some carry the name of the founders Jilo and Celestine, and the collections ranges are a tribute to the people they love the most…

Another journey however, this time in their hearts


Maison Beliard meeting the expectations of its clients

Offering them the finest hat making.