Beliard – L’art du chapeau

Beliard is a Maison where hats are handmade in Ecuador and designed in France symbolizing the union of two passionate souls.

Jilo Belhadef, Founder, was steward in a luxury airline. After traveling the world, it is in Latin America and more precisely in Ecuador that he decides to change his life and devote himself to his passion for fashion and design. For Jilo, accessories are not the finale touch but the main on that comes dress a look. He likes pieces having the privilege to bring a chic but also casual note and his favorite has always been hats! Let’s start the adventure!

Before going any further, let’s continue our journey! During one of his many “voyage” around the world, it is in Paris that he met Celestine Pierrard. A brand and image consultant, having worked for more than 10 years in the most prestigious Parisian luxury houses and truly living FASHION!

The chemistry of their friendship brought Jilo offer to Celestine to combine their passion and experience in order to create a high end and luxury hats universe combining the Ecuadorian crafts with the French savoir-faire


Jilo & Celestine